xWelcome to Braincalm™, the proven OT+psychology TOOLBOX OF SOLUTIONS  that empowers school staff and parents to enable children to ‘self regulate’ their own behaviours.

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Braincalm™ – What is it?

Braincalm™ is a TOOLBOX of easy to use & practical solutions & programmes to help children, teens & adults (from age 4 to adulthood) quickly increase

  • Concentration
  • Attention
  • Behaviour regulation
  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Ability to socialize & to help an individual become ‘’calm’’

Since Brenda created the original Braincalm™ Programme in 2016 over 5,000 school staff & parents in Ireland, the UK & US have been trained.

Want to find out more about training? Call Caroline + 353 85 8523701- our Braincalm Team is ready to help!

Brenda Cassidy, creator of Braincalm™, has developed the programme using her OT expertise & experience in neurology alongside well practiced psychology techniques to create this original, simple and highly effective programme that targets specific areas of the brain to become calm, focused & ready to learn.

Braincalm™ Training  includes a series of courses which enable schools staff  and parents to create long term positive change or temporary improvements for children who present with frustration & dysregulated behaviour due to

*Dyspraxia & Dyslexia

*ADD, ADHD & ASD(Autism)

*Sensory Processing Difficulties (e.g. chronic fidgeting)

Braincalm has shown to boost concentration, attention & self esteem in children, teens & adults (who have completed the Braincalm™ Intensive 24 week Programme.)

 Who Can Benefit from Braincalm™?

Braincalm™ Courses for school staff will empower (both special class & mainstream staff) with KNOWLEDGE plus simple PRACTICAL TOOLS to help children & teens with

  • poor attention/concentration
  • chronic fidgeting/moving
  • inability to regulate behaviours/emotions (self regulation) and
  • generalised anxiety to complete a variety of therapy based but fun set of BRAINCALM™ physical & mental exercises that help clear traffic ‘jams in the brain’ that cause frustration, poor attention, ‘out of synch’ behaviours & disruption to learning.

Before Braincalm

After Braincalm

How Can I Train In Braincalm™?

Brenda has devised specific & individualised training for school staff.

Braincalm™ courses have been designed using specific ‘brain changing’ activities which can be used by

to help pupils become CALM, FOCUSED & READY TO LEARN

Braincalm™ Training For School Staff

Over the past 5 years Brenda Cassidy has worked with hundreds of schools to create practical & effective solutions to that reduce disruption in classrooms. Brenda has created bespoke courses for Special Needs Assistants, Classroom Assistants, Special Education Teachers & Classroom Teachers.

Braincalm Foundations; (Mandatory Precursor To ALL Other Braincalm Courses)

Braincalm Intensive;(15 min/day, 5 days/week, 24 week Intensive Programme)

Braincalm Refresher;(For those who previously completed ‘in person’ or ‘online’ Braincalm training prior to September 2020




(This offer INCLUDES Braincalm™ Foundations, Braincalm™ Sensory Breaks For SNAs, Braincalm™ For Learning Support and Braincalm™ Whole Class Breaks For Class Teachers).  T&Cs Apply.

Call Caroline +353 85 8523701 to find out more.


Braincalm At Home

Braincalm™ can also be completed at home. Once again, it is a simple combination of Occupational Therapy and Psychology exercises where children & parents/guardians are guided by Brenda online for 15 mins every day (5 days a week for 24 weeks) to alleviate anxiety, boost concentation and increase self esteem.  Parents feel empowered and confident that they are giving their child or children the tools to be able to self regulate their own moods, emotions and behaviours.

To find out more about Braincalm™ Daily Live With Brenda

 call  Caroline +353 85 8523701

Braincalm™ Licensing

We are committed to providing a high quality, exceptionally effective Braincalm™ programme.  It is our duty to maintain the high standards we set for our courses.  Only Braincalm Practicioners who are licensed can deliver Braincalm™  safely and within our strict guidelines.  Your license is valid for 12 months from completion training.  In order to maintain your Braincalm™ Practitioner status you are encouraged to attend Braincalm™  Refresher. 

It is absolutely prohibited to deliver Braincalm™ if you have not completed your training and been awarded your certification.

Braincalm Intensive Introduction

Braincalm on Ireland AM

The Braincalm™ Programme (formerly ‘Regulation Stations’) NOW RENAMED BRAINCALM INTENSIVE is an easy to run and effective program where children with sensory issues, ASD (Autism), ADHD, anxiety & behavioural issues complete 15 minutes a day of a variety of therapy based but fun activities.

Need more information? Email us support@braincalminstitute.com.

We would love to help you.

Autumn 2020

New School Staff BRAINCALM Online Courses  (Click on link to watch a short video)

  • SNAs (both Mainstream & Special Class)
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Learning Support
  • Special Education Teachers


What Our Customers Say:

Brenda, the Braincalm Program™ programme is having a really positive impact on our out of synch pupils. We have seen better sitting, writing, attention to school work, behaviour and overall happier children. Thank you so much for teaching me this fantastic programme

Your knowledge about ‘all things sensory’ and your fun plus ‘no jargon’ approach to teaching us was a breath of fresh air and brought us relief. Thank you so much, I feel like we are finally in the ‘driving seat’ with managing our son.

Many thanks for your webinar yesterday.  You explained the needs and challenges facing some of our children in simple and clear language which was a breath of fresh air. I particularly liked your message to everyone that it’s important to be able to walk in the child’s shoes and see the world from what might be a very different perspective from our own.

I loved learning all about braincalm , you have both been amazing and made it a really enjoyable experience and I can’t wait to get started .

I have really enjoyed the three seminars this week. Today I found myself putting children I work with into a colour code. This Braincalm ladder is so helpful as it shows us where we need to go to help the child / children to regulate themselves. You are very good at what you are doing Brenda really easy to listen to full of knowledge thank you for sharing the webinars and look forward to more in the future.

Thank you very much for all the information you passed on over the last three days. It was very interesting I could listen to you every day. I have done your braincalming exercises with the child I look after & it makes such a difference. The child is much more relaxed & able to do the school work without getting upset. Thanks again.

Thanks Brenda for a wonderful course, found it very interesting and very insightful. I have only started working as an SNA recently, in my more advanced years I might add but feel a lot more confident and empowered having completed both Sensory Made Simple and Braincalm over the past few weeks. Love the no nonsense, practical nature of the program and how easy and straight forward it is to implement. Really like the fact that it is all encompassing, one size fits all, where modifications can be made when necessary. Continued success with your work Brenda.

Just a massive thank you for your time over the past 3 days. I had heard lots of good things about Brenda and Braincalm and the webinars didn’t disappoint- in fact they have lit a fuse to undertake more. My wife who works as an SNA attended last week and was delighted with what she took from the talks. We also have a son with huge sensory processing challenges so the webinars were invaluable from a personal and professional point of view.

Brenda, I know you say you use the Monaghanese to explain this but I have never come across somebody who made this as clear and accessible. By making it so clear it will be such a help to our children. Can’t wait to access more.

“Both my son’s preschool and myself have seen improvement in all areas, but the most obvious was behaviour management and he seems happier in himself more confident.”

This child is also taken through shortened Braincalm sessions in his preschool daily).


Brenda completed a project in 2015 with Trinity College Dublin.

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