Braincalm Training (Online) for Class Teachers -Mainstream

Braincalm Training for Class Teachers includes two very useful courses.

  1. Braincalm Foundations
  2. Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks

Our Braincalm Foundations Training Course is essential to any further Braincalm training and provides you with a greater understanding of the challenges, behaviours and triggers the sensory child can experience.   Braincalm Foundations provides you with powerful insights into how children for example diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Dypraxia, anxiety or low concentration can be supported in the classroom.

We share valuable hints and tips that help you manage your classroom and support children with the afore mentioned conditions.

Braincalm Foundations identifies the behaviours, issues and challenges.  It is the starting point in really understanding your students and promoting a place of learning that is calm and relaxed.

Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks is a simple press and play video series to support you during your teaching day.  We have worked alongside a number of teachers to develop Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks as a “lite” version of our Braincalm Intensive program.  Whilst we appreciate that not every child needs Braincalm, we know that every child can benefit from it.

Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks Training is a half day workshop, delivered via webinar. It is a short term, quick solution to nurture a calm and relaxed place of learning.

Braincalm™ Intensive (formally known as The Braincalm™ Programme) – This is 4 hour online live training with Brenda Cassidy, Braincalm Creator.  Braincalm Intensive makes changes 3 layers deep into the brain and the effects are long lasting.

Once you have mastered the Braincalm™ Intensive Practice you will be amazed by the results and become a Certified Braincalm Intensive Licensed Practicioner.

Braincalm™ Intensive Training Dates

Our next monthly live training for Braincalm Intensive will be delivered on

Saturday 14th November 9.30am – 1.30pm.  To book simply click the link.

Saturday 12th December 9.30am – 1.30pm.  To book simply click the link.

***. Please note, to continue with further Braincalm Courses you will be asked to show evidence of completion of Braincalm Foundations by emailing your certificate to

Why not watch our short video that explains our courses in a little more detail.