Online Training Courses for Learning Support Teachers

The Braincalm Programme For Learning Support Teachers includes 2 courses.

  1. Braincalm Foundations
  2. Braincalm For Learning Support Sessions

1.Braincalm Foundations

This certified 2 hour course has been specifically developed for ALL SCHOOL STAFF.

It will give you an excellent base line knowledge about the Sensory Systems and how when it is out of sync can manifest in a variety of behaviours such as walking about, fidgeting, shouting out, poor attention or lack of engagement.

2. Braincalm For Learning Support Sessions

This certified 2 hour course has been specifically designed for learning support sessions.  It considers how your time is limited to deliver the best out of each learning session and how you can have a more productive session with the pupil once Braincalm is introduced to the session.

Tools and Skills

This course will provide you with simple, practical tools to be able to identify particular behaviours and how they are rooted in the sensory system.  We will provide you the Braincalm Sensory Colour Coding System that will help you understand WHY 25% or more children in mainstream primary classrooms  today are dysregulated.

If you brought your car to a garage you’d expect the mechanic to know how the engine works before beginning to fix it, in much the same why you need to know who the sensory system works before you start implementing a solution. Makes sense right?

** Braincalm Foundations 2 hour training will give YOU the knowledge & understanding you need to understand ‘out of synch’ behaviours.

2.Braincalm for Learning Support Sessions 

This certified 2 hour training is specifically for Learning Support Teachers to get BETTER QUALITY CONCENTRATION, FOCUS & therefore LEARNING from your pupils during the  30 to 45 minute precious learning support session.

You will develop the skills and knowledge to complete specific Braincalm physical & mental exercises before, during and at the end of a sensory support session.

The aim is to …

  • Boost the quality of learning during the 30 to 45 minute session
  • return the child/children to the classroom setting calm focused and ready to learn
  • Give you the teacher, a chance to ‘calm YOUR own brain & boost YOUR concentration & REDUCE YOUR stress

Tools and Skills

You will learn (through easy to follow videos) from a series of case studies where Braincalm has been incorporated into the learning support setting.

Using your knowledge from Braincalm Foundations in combination with learning the specific Braincalm physical & mental Braincalm exercises from this course you will be able to provide your pupils with more effective  learning  which will teach them to become regulated.