Braincalm Training (Online) for Special Needs Assistants  and Classroom Assistants in Mainstream 

The Braincalm Programme for SNA and Classroom Assistants includes four courses.

  1. Braincalm Foundations (Mandatory Course)
  2. Braincalm Sensory Breaks
  3. Braincalm Intensive
  4. Braincalm Intensive Refresher


1.Braincalm Foundations 

This certified 2 hour course has been specifically developed for ALL SCHOOL STAFF (Mainstream & Special Education Classrooms)  but is particularly relevant for SNA and Special Education Teachers working in the mainstream & special classroom classroom setting.

This knowledge focused course will  give you an excellent base line knowledge about the Sensory Systems and how when it is out of sync can manifest itself in a variety of behaviours such as walking about, fidgeting, shouting out or lack of engagement.

***Please Note***Braincalm Foundations is a mandatory entry level course to the Braincalm Programme.

Tools and Skills

This course will provide you with

  • ‘no jargon’ UNDERSTANDING & KNOWLEDGE to be empower you to identify ‘out of synch’ behaviours and how they are rooted in the sensory systems
  • Brenda Cassidy’s unique but really simple  ‘Braincalm Colour Coding System’ that will help you quickly identify the sensory behaviour the child is showing in class or yard

If you brought your car to a garage you’d expect the mechanic to understand what is wrong with the engine before beginning to fix it, in much the same way you need to understand the SGO (something going on) with the child BEFORE you can HELP him/her.  Makes sense right?

BRAINCALM FOUNDATIONS will give you all of the baseline knowledge to understanding & quickly identifying ‘out of synch’ behaviours.

Please note Braincalm Foundations is a knowledge based course and is the essential pre cursor to all other Braincalm courses 


2.Braincalm SENSORY BREAKS for SNA and Classroom Assistants -Mainstream

(2 hours- Online)

** In order to understand this course you will need to have completed BRAINCALM FOUNDATIONS (see above) as you will need to know which behaviours are

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

During this course Brenda will teach you targeted & effective BRAINCALM BREAKS to either

  • settle/feed the nervous system of the red behaviours
  • calm  blue behaviours
  • awaken yellow behaviours

Also included are Braincalm Breaks Printables for SNAs.


3.Braincalm Intensive for SNA and Classroom Assistants -Mainstream Pupils 

** Change the child’s brain, regulate their behaviour

**Watch the children ”LEAVE the classroom ‘LIKE TIGGER’ & return calm, focused & ready to learn’.

The Braincalm Intensive Course (formerly named The Braincalm Programme – Pupils are taken out of class in groups of 3, 2 or individually for 15 minutes a day, 5 day a week, intensive 24 week programme) was launched in 2017 and has been delivered across all school and class types training hundreds of Special Needs and Special Education Teachers to deliver the program to thousands of children.

Braincalm Intensive is a certified 4 hour training course delivered on line teaching you the 24 week Braincalm program.  You will learn the

*Braincalm Intensive Methodology & ‘Golden Rules’

* the 4 blocks of the Braincalm Intensive Daily Programme (1 block can be used for 1 term of school)

*how to get the ‘perfect mix’ of children in order to run a really effective programme


4.Braincalm Intensive Refresher for SNA and Classroom Assistants  (Mainstream)

This is a certified 2 hour course for any SNA or Special Education Teacher that has PREVIOUSLY attended the face to face Braincalm Programme training in person (with Brenda or one of her tutors) or via webinar.

The course will revisit embed the “Golden Rules” of Braincalm giving you more detail and refresh your knowledge on the  of exercises that must be delivered in a specific way in order to change the child’s behaviour (long term).   The refresher course is your opportunity to make sure that you are getting MAXIMUM calming, concentration boost & brain changing

If you attend Braincalm Foundations (understanding WHY these children are the way they are) your refresher course will make even more sense and help you complete the Braincalm Program with your pupils in a much more  and effective way.

Need help figuring out which course is the one for you? We are here to help: email – give us your phone number & Caroline will answer your questions.