Online Braincalm Training for ASD Classroom Staff

Our Braincalm Programme Fro ASD Classroom Staff includes 3 courses.

  1. Braincalm Foundations for All ASD/Austism Classroom and Mainstream
  2. Braincalm Intensive for ASD Classroom Staff
  3. Braincalm Intensive Intensive Refresher for ASD Classroom Staff

Braincalm Foundations For All ASD/Autism Classroom & Mainstream Class

This certified 2 hour course has been specifically developed for ALL SCHOOL STAFF (Mainstream & Special Education Classrooms) but is particularly relevant for SNA and Special Education Teachers. This knowledge focused course will give you an excellent base line knowledge about the Sensory Systems and how when it is out of sync can manifest itself in a variety of behaviours such as walking about, fidgeting, shouting out or lack of engagement.

Tools and Skills

This course will provide you with the tools to be able to identify particular behaviours and how they are rooted in the sensory system. We will provide you the Braincalm Colour Coding System that will help you understand the Why.

If you brought your car to a garage you’d expect the mechanic to know how the engine works before beginning to fix it, in much the same why you need to know who the sensory system works before you start implementing a solution. Makes sense right?

Other Courses

Please note Braincalm Foundations is a knowledge based course and is the essential pre cursor to all other Braincalm courses including

2.Braincalm Intensive Course for ASD Classroom Staff

The Braincalm Intensive Course (formerly named The Braincalm Programme – 15 min a day, 5 day a week, intensive 24 week programme) was launched in 2017 and has been delivered across all school and class types training hundreds of Special Needs and Special Education Teachers to deliver the program to thousands of children.

Braincalm Intensive is a certified 4 hour training course delivered on line teaching you the 24 week Braincalm program.  You will learn the Braincalm Intensive Methodology specifically for the child with the ASD.  You will learn how to do the exercises a variety of children eg non verbal,

Braincalm Intensive Refresher for ASD Classroom Staff

This is a certified 2 hour course for any SNA or Special Ed Teacher that has PREVIOUSLY attended the face to face Braincalm Programme training  or via webinar.  The course will revisit the  “Golden Rules” of Braincalm giving you more detail and refresh your knowledge on the suite of exercises that must be delivered in a specific way.   The refresher course is your opportunity to refine your delivery of the Braincalm Intensive Program with the added value of OT expertise.

If you attend Braincalm Foundations, your refresher course will make even more sense and help you deliver the Braincalm Program to your pupils in a much more enriched and effective way.