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Advice for Parents of The Sensory Child who is Starting “Big School”

When July turns to August every year my ‘Mum’ brain switches from summer to ‘back-to school’. As I was making my back-to school list today my mind wandered back to when my hypersensitive/over responsive oldest child was starting big-school or primary school. I can tell you, it was a worry for me! This was a […]

Child Tantrums versus Meltdowns: What’s the Difference?

This is a question I frequently get asked during my workshops: what is the difference between a tantrum and meltdown? Parents & guardians ask me this question- but school staff often struggle to understand the difference too! According to HADD Ireland (the charity organisation to support those with ADHD & their families) ‘’a tantrum is […]


New for 2019: Live Braincalm(TM) Training Workshops Countrywide

I have taught my hugely successful Braincalm(TM) program to over 3000 school staff and parents across the country. Every day I receive emails from school staff- mostly special needs assistants, special education teachers, resource teachers and parents who take children through the simple set of brain calming and organizing physical exercises for 15 minutes a […]

…. Farewell Zoom Boom Kids

We are sad to say goodbye to our old name ‘Zoom Boom Kids’ and we will miss the colorful bouncing eyes! But the great news is that we have changed the company name to ‘ Brenda Cassidy OT & Sensory Educator ‘! You will see that we have a new logo with our new signature […]