Braincalm for Schools

 Braincalm™ Program Simple ‘Click & Learn’ Training for Schools & Preschools:

Welcome to the  Braincalm™ Program ‘Click and Learn’ course for school & preschool staff.

In order to practice the  Braincalm™ Program to help calm & regulate children from age 4+ in a pre school, primary or post primary schools, the school must purchase a license .The cost of the license depends on the number of users/practitioners in the school.

***Please note; only those practitioners who have received a certificate after completing an open book test are permitted to practice the Braincalm™ Program in their school.

During this course you will learn

  1.  how to complete the 24 week Braincalm™ Program in their school/preschool setting
  2.  how to decide on locations, timetabling & logistics in order to easily run the  Program Braincalm™in their setting
  3. understand the mix of children to ‘group together’ to bring through the daily Braincalm™ session
  4. the essential skills that a practitioner needs to complete a successful program
  5. how to adapt the Braincalm™ Program for pupils from an ASD or autism special class
  6. how learning support and resource teachers can use parts of the Braincalm™  Program to help pupils focus and learn better during their resource session

Preschool & school practitioners will also have access to a closed Facebook group to help support them and interact with other Braincalm practitioners in schools and pre schools throughout the world PLUS email support from Brenda Cassidy OT & Developer of the Braincalm™  Program.

** Please note: Schools/Preschools MUST legally purchase the correct number of licences for the number of practitioners in the school.

To get access to the Braincalm Program™ please contact Brenda Cassidy by email

Best wishes,

Brenda Cassidy 

OT & Sensory Educator