Benda Cassidy

We are sad to say goodbye to our old name ‘Zoom Boom Kids’ and we will miss the colorful bouncing eyes!


But the great news is that we have changed the company name to ‘ Brenda Cassidy OT & Sensory Educator ‘! You will see that we have a new logo with our new signature purple background.You will notice lots of this color around our site and on our training videos from now on.

For those of you wondering about the purple jigsaw in the logo with one jigsaw piece floating….well that represents what I do for parents and school staff. I fill in the ‘missing piece’ of the child’s jigsaw- which is often a sensory issue- and I help create a ‘whole picture’ of the child so everyone around the child can ‘get into the driving seat’ of simply finding solutions that changes the child’s life. And yours too!

From now on our website will change from to

I still provide the same excellent down to earth & fun training but under new branding. As a mum of 2 sensory children, I know how hard it is to find structured and no jargon help. You have come to the right place.

I will continue to offer limited live workshops and talks for teachers and parents but you will be able to access my highly effective but very simple programs including my groundbreaking ‘Braincalm Program (TM) ‘ online on this website.

Stay tuned for further online workshops to come including:

  • Braincalm Program for Schools
  • Sensory Made Simple
  • Strong Hands
  • Strong Tummies
  • Getting Ready For ‘Big School’ – teaching parents how to get your child ready for primary/elementary school
  • The FUNPRAXIA Program – a physical skills building program to help children with Dyspraxia/DCD

and more!

I would like to say a huge thanks to all the fantastic principals/ head teachers, school staff, preschool staff & parents (both pilot paticipants and customers) who have been on this journey with me for the past few years. I hope you will continue with me for may more!

Best wishes

Brenda Cassidy OT & Sensory Educator