Brenda Cassidy Home Page

I am delighted to finally launch my new website! Although I am a little sad to say goodbye to the old company name- Zoom Boom Kids- and of course the colourful bouncing eyes, I wanted to make everything easier for people to remember. So I decided to go back to basics and just use my name!

As you can see on the website my ‘brand’ colour is purple. I find purple and many different shades of it very calming. Plus I just like purple. So you will be seeing a lot of it from now on.

As for the website….what will you find there? My focus has moved to providing the best but simple education around sensory issues (and other issues such as behaviour & anxiety related to sensory problems) to PARENTS & SCHOOL STAFF…..most especially Special Education Teachers & Special Needs Assistants. However many parents & school staff of children in mainstream classes are the ones who come to me for help and who use my programs.

By using my new site I want to offer my tried and tested but down to earth, no jargon programs to anyone in the world who needs help. I do have a short page about ‘Sensory Issues’ on the site but I will expand on this in the future to offer more help in understanding this complicated but common condition. (Around 1 in 6 children have a ‘Sensory SGO- something going on’ as I call it!) It really is vital to understand what you are dealing with both as parents & as school staff (who spend half of the child’s waking day WITH the child!).

You will find a ‘Meet Brenda’ page and this will tell you a little more about me, my background as an OT and as a Mum of sensory children.

The first online learning program featured on my site is ‘Braincalm For Parents‘.  Have a look at the video on my home page and it will tell you a little more about this groundbreaking and highly effective 15-20 minute a day activity based brain organising & calming daily program. In future blogs I will be explaining more about the Braincalm Program™. 

I will be offering ‘Braincalm For Schoolstaff’ very soon and plan to have the following courses online by the start of the next school term

  • Sensory Made Simple For Parents‘- how to identify your child’s sensory issues & manage them at home
  • Sensory Made Simple For Schools‘- how to identify a pupil’s issues and learn how to offer targeted and effective sensory breaks
  • Strong Hands‘- a simple click & play 5 minute a day video program for preschool staff and for teachers of younger pupils to help combat the ‘weak hands- poor pencil grip’ problem that we are seeing today in classrooms
  • Strong Tummies‘- a simple ‘click and play’ 5 minute a day video with printable ‘home plan’ to build strength in the core of younger children
  • FUNPRAXIA‘ – understanding & managing dyspraxia & gross motor (big movement) problems in children in simple every day language
  • Getting Ready For ‘Big School‘ – a simple guided video for parents on how to prepare your child’s physical skills for ‘Big School’ (building strength, coordination and making sure they can manage basic daily skills such as putting on their coat and opening a lunchbag).

But for now, welcome to the new part of my journey to bring simple and effective but easy to run programs to struggling parents and stressed school staff all over the world. Please feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think of my new website!

Best wishes,

Brenda Cassidy,

OT & Sensory Educator

You can watch the introduction video to the website here.